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W2WIB has currently tied up with Central Insurance Repository Limited (CIRL) to provide policyholders a facility to keep insurance policies in electronic form.

Services currently include opening of a
  1. Electronic Insurance Account [eIA]
  2. Credit of new policies [Currently Life]
  3. Demat of existing policies
eIA offers the following benefits to the policyholder
  1. All type of policies under a single account
  2. Easy access to policy holding details at a click of a button
  3. No fear of loss/misplacement/damaged policy document
  4. Existing physical policies can be added
  5. System will keep track & history of premiums/renewals/claims etc
  6. Consolidated Reminder on Premium Payments, Payouts etc.
  7. One Claim notification for multiple policies held by the policyholder with different insurance companies
  8. eIA holders will receive their policy benefits electronically
Account Opening
The process for opening eIA is as follows
  1. eIA account opened in the name of proposer of policy
  2. eIA account opened with new policy submission
  3. PAN / UID mandatory for account opening
  4. Common KYC to be performed for eIA
  5. One single account across all IRs