As of December 2020, 67.87% is owned by Promoters and 32.13% by Public.

Among Promoters holding, Indian Promoters holds 67.85% and Foreign Promoters holds 0.02%.

Institutional holds 24.45% (Foreign Portfolio Investors 18.52%, Financial Institutions 1.62%, Insurance Companies 1.18% and Mutual Funds 3.07%) and Non-Institutional holds 7.68% as Public shareholders.

Top five Promoters holding highest number of shares of Dabur India company are Chowdry Associates (Owned By Mr. Saket Burman) (2179.42 lakhs shares / 12.33%), Vic Enterprises Private Limited (Owned By Mr. V C Burman) (2177.64 lakhs shares / 12.32%), Gyan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (Owned By Mr. Amit Burman) (2022.38 lakhs shares / 11.44%), Puran Associates Private Limited (Owned By Dr. Anand Burman & Mrs. Minnie Burman) (1892.12 lakhs shares / 10.71%) and Ratna Commercial Enterprises Private Limited (Owned By Mr. Pradip Burman Family Trust) (1577.55 lakhs shares / 8.93%).