Pursuant to the power given under Article 61 of the Articles of Association, Ministry of Tourism, vide its order EON.PSU-6/4/2022, dated 20.09.2023, conveyed the following:\r\n\This is in reference to OM No. 26(3)EO/2004(ACC) dated 18.08.2005 issued by ACC Section, office of Establishment Officer, Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India, Para IV. The undersigned is directed to convey the following:\r\nShri Subhadeepta Paul, the Vice President (Finance), ITDC is appointed as the Part time Director with Current Charge of the post of the Director (Finance) ITDC on the Board of ITDC, with effect from the date of taking over the charge of the post for period of 03 months or until further orders or till Shri Lokesh Kumar Aggarwal, the Director (Finance) ITDC resumes the charge of the post of the Director (Finance) ITDC after returning from his Medical Leave, whichever is earlier.