The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on May 10 said 15 non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) have surrendered their licences to the central bank due to exit from business, and amalgamation/merger/dissolution/voluntary strike-off.

As per the release, six NBFCs have surrendered their licences due to exit from Non-Banking Financial Institution (NBFI) business. These NBFCs are Vian Growth Capital Pvt Ltd, Drap Leasing and Finance Pvt Ltd, Jewel Strips Pvt Ltd, Revolving Investments Ltd, Anshu Leasing Pvt Ltd, and A. V. B. Finance Pvt Ltd.

Further, nine NBFCs have surrendered their licences as they ceased to be a legal entity due to amalgamation/ merger/dissolution/ voluntary strike-off, etc, the release said. These NBFCs are JDS Securities Pvt Ltd, Jodhani Management Pvt Ltd, ABRN Finance Pvt. Ltd, Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd, Tata Cleantech Capital Ltd, Naperol Investments Ltd, USG Financial Services Pvt Ltd, Urja Capital Pvt Ltd, and Vandana Dealers Pvt. Ltd, release said.