Portfolio Management Services


Our Portfolio Management Services is an exclusive offering from Way2Wealth that specializes in providing risk managed investment solutions to discerning High Net Worth Individuals, Non Resident Indians (NRIs), Overseas Corporate Bodies (OCBs) and Indian Corporates.

Our primary goal is to outperform market averages consistently, thereby creating long-term wealth, and at the same time, carefully manage risk as per the set objectives of our clients. With a legacy that dates back to 1984, we have developed a strong reputation for navigating our investors through the ups and downs of the market.

Our Portfolio Management Advantage

Managing one's investment portfolio has today become a very complex task that requires constant monitoring and active management. Financial markets these days are characterized by increased volatility and strong links to various domestic and global factors. Our portfolio management team which is in constant touch with ever changing economic and market conditions, coupled with substantial market knowledge, is in a better position to handle these complex and dynamic situations.

Our Discretionary Portfolio Management Service gives investors the benefit of unbiased investment advice designed to achieve their financial objectives. We bring discipline into investment management and eliminate emotion that an individual investor generally succumbs to.

We professionally manage your portfolio with the objective of delivering consistent long-term performance while controlling risk. Our highly qualified research analysts provide investment ideas and real time information to support our portfolio management team. Our "Investment Review Committee," establishes appropriate investment strategies and discusses efficient changes to your portfolio based on market conditions.

In addition to managing your portfolio, we also undertake all operational activities such as custody, accounting and reporting, thus making it completely hassle free from your perspective.

Convenient and Professoinal Management

Our investment process flow is simple and easy starting with a detailed discussion and an in-depth understanding of your financial health, your investment objectives and your appetite for risk. Based on these discussions, we will design a portfolio that best suits your personal objectives.

Constant interaction between you and the portfolio manager ensures that any changes that might affect your financial situation be reflected in your portfolio.

Our Investment Philosophy

  • While buying equity, we are buying a part of a business. The underlying asset is an earnings-yielding asset and grows gradually over a period of time; hence we buy equity with a long-term view.
  • Bottom up approach to stock picking.
  • Focus on Growth + Value – The focus is on buying the assets cheap without compromising on growth potential.
  • Most importantly, there is a Time and a Price for everything. Equity valuations should be fair, reflecting value and growth. Margin of safety is also important.
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Instant execution
  • Investment ideas and technical calls
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Highest levels of security
  • Superior customer service

Advantages of the PMS

Professional Management

The service offers professional management of your equity investments with an aim to deliver consistent return with an eye on risk management.

Risk Control

Well-defined investment philosophy & strategy acts as a guiding principle in defining the investment universe. We use state-of-the-art technology that enables the entire construction, monitoring and the risk management processes.


Our Portfolio Management Service relieves you from all the administrative hassles of your investments. We provide periodic reports on the performance and other aspects of your investments.

Constant Portfolio Tracking

We understand the dynamics of equity as an asset class, so we track your investments continuously to maximize the returns.

Transparency - the key

We constantly endeavour to keep our investors updated with the latest information by providing them reports on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis. With the latest technology and via a password protected website you will have access to all information relating to your investment on daily basis just at the click of a button. The following portfolio reports are accessible online:

  • Daily holding and performance report of your portfolio
  • Detailed statements of all transactions in your account
  • Research reports on the stocks covered by our analysts
  • Detailed sector wise allocation of your portfolio

You will also be periodically provided with a tax status report of your portfolio for advance tax purposes and a comprehensive tax statement at year-end to facilitate your IT returns filing.

Our Portfolio Management Service gives you all the customisation without the hassles involved in managing equity or mutual fund investments directly. Our team takes care of all the administrative aspects of managing your portfolio.

Why PMS over mutual funds?

  • Mutual Funds as an investment vehicle are structured to reduce risks as far as possible, as they cater to thousands of investors.
  • In a mutual fund, the needs that are disparate among clients get clubbed into one scheme; while in PMS we offer customized solutions based on each client’s specific needs.
  • As a discerning investor, who understands the risk-reward ratio, you want

    -Portfolio designed for your individual needs & objectives

    -Portfolio comprising of select ideas

    -Ability to take focused plays both in sectors and stocks

    -Efficient allocation of assets viz. Equity, Debt and Cash as per market condition

    -Flexibility to make swift changes in your portfolios
  • Superior customer service

Schemes Offered

We offer strategies across the risk - reward spectrum

Wealth Weaver

Wealth Weaver is a strategy that takes relatively lower risk by investing majority of your funds in large and liquid stocks with a Medium to Long Term perspective

Wealth Optimiser

Wealth Optimiser is an aggressive strategy that takes relatively higher risk by investing majority of your funds in mid cap stocks which can be potential multi-baggers with a long trem horizon.

Wealth Escalator

Wealth Escalator is a super aggressive strategy that takes higher risk and aims at investing almost 100% of your portfolio in mid caps plus it would take concentrated bets in limited stocks with a long trem perspective.

Wealth Spiral

Wealth Spiral is a unique proposition, combining the art of Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis and Sectoral momentum, to trade in quality stocks just-in-time.

Account Opening

We invite you to become a part of our Portfolio Management family and enjoy the benefits of having your portfolio professionally managed by our team. To know more about Way2Wealth and our Portfolio Management Services just write us at alokranjan@way2wealth.com and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

Who can Sign up?

  • Individuals
  • Partnership Firms
  • Hindu Undivided Families - HUFs
  • Association of Persons
  • Limited Companies
  • NRIs, Overseas Corporate Bodies (OCBs), Firms, Societies, trusts, etc. (subject to RBI approval)

Get your sleeping portfolio back to life

If you have an existing investment portfolio that is inactive, you can also avail of our Portfolio Management Service. We offer the service of taking over your existing portfolio and realigning it to best suit your risk profile.

Account Opening Process

The account opening process is quiet simple and our relationship manager would assist you in completing the entire process smoothly. We would be opening a Way2Wealth PMS and HDFC demat & bank account. Address proof, Identity proof and a Pan card copy would be required. A Permanent Account Number (PAN) has to be provided for investment in the PMS scheme.

Disclosure Document for PMS - Kindly click to download disclosure document.

Fee Structure

We offer a competitive fee structure. The fee charged can be a combination of a moderate Management Fee and a variable Performance Fee or just a fixed Management Fee


  1. What is the difference between a discretionary and a non-discretionary Portfolio Management Services?
    The discretionary portfolio manager independently manages the funds of each client in accordance with the needs of the client. The onus of taking investment decisions in this case lies with the Portfolio Manager and not with the client.

    On the other hand, the non-discretionary portfolio manager only provides advisory services to the client where the client retains the decision-making powers in the portfolio.

    We offer Discretionary Portfolio Management Services.
  2. How can I introduce my initial corpus?
    Initial corpus can be brought into the Portfolio Management Service by way of either Cash and or securities/shares. The initial portfolio of securities/shares will be re-aligned as per the model. We sell shares as required to get the holdings re-aligned to our model portfolio.
  3. What is the minimum ticket size?
    Minimum ticket size for PMS for all portfolios is Rs. 25 lakhs. As mentioned above, Initial corpus can be brought into the Portfolio Management Service by way of either Cash and/or securities/shares.
  4. Do you guarantee the initial corpus and any 'return' thereon?
    As per regulations governing Portfolio Management Services in India, returns cannot be guaranteed. We shall endeavor to out-perform the benchmark indices like sensex & Nifty but there can be no guarantee or certainty of the same. We believe, over long term, equities performance will track corporate performance. Historical trends indicate that well managed equity portfolios in Indian markets can easily yield up to 15-18% per annum returns. However the future returns may be very different for market risk as well as risk with any portfolio manager's judgment.
  5. Is there a maximum limit for investing in the Portfolio Management Service?
    There is no upper limit on the amount you can invest in the Portfolio Management Service.
  6. What is the time horizon?
    In most of our schemes the ideal time horizon for an equity portfolio is at least 12-18 months.
  7. Does the Portfolio Management Service have any lock-in period?
    The Portfolio Management Service has no lock-in period. You can exit at any point of time. However, the ideal time frame is 12-18 months as equities outperform most other asset classes only in the long run.
  8. What is your investment philosophy?
    We invest as per objectives of a particular scheme. We typically pay more attention to a company's fundamentals, valuations and future growth potential. Our portfolio's do not mimic indices and are more governed by the bottom-up approach.
  9. At what frequency, can I see my NAV, positions and transactions?
    You can check your portfolio on a daily basis by logging on to our website http://www.way2wealth.com. In addition, you get monthly statements of transactions, holdings etc. You can also access these reports online.
  10. Is the payment upfront?
    Yes the payment has to be made upfront. Of course, one can introduce any additional amount later on.
  11. Will the Contract Notes be available in physical form or online?
    No contract notes will be available. Detailed statement of accounts would be emailed at the end of the month. Physical copy will be sent quarterly.
  12. Are there different forms for different funds?
    Yes, a fresh form needs to be filled for different funds.
  13. Is there any pre-decided percentage of amount by which we will be compulsorily invested at any given time?
    No. The fund manager will invest according to the market conditions. We can sit on 100% cash also some time.
  14. Can I specify investments that I want or don't want to hold?
    Since we offer only Discretionary Portfolio management Services, the discretion to invest primarily lies with the Portfolio Manager. Any securities/shares handed over as initial portfolio will be aligned to the model.
  15. In whose name investment will be made?
    Under PMS all investments will be made in the name of the client.
  16. What is the paperwork and documentation needed to open a PMS account?
    The account opening process is simple and our relationship manager would assist you in the same. We would be opening a Way2Wealth PMS and HDFC demat & bank account. Address proof, Identity proof and a Pan card copy would be required. A Permanent Account Number (PAN) has to be provided for investment in the PMS scheme.
  17. Do I need to have Permanent Account Number?
    A Permanent Account Number (PAN) has to be provided for investment in the PMS scheme.
  18. Can you give scrip's instead of funds then how will the scrip's be valued?
    The stock valuations will be taken when it is transferred in the clients HDFC Demat Account. The value of investment might fluctuate due to transaction incurred to re-align the portfolio with the scheme.
  19. What is the Fee Structure for PMS?
    We offer a competitive fee structure. The fee charged can be a combination of a moderate Management Fee and a variable Performance Fee or just a fixed Management Fee.

    High Water Marking

    Performance based management fees are charged only where there is incremental profits (High Watermarking) and not on all profits
    High Watermarking would be adjusted for infusion and withdrawal of funds.

  20. Can I withdraw my profit any time?
    You can withdraw your profit as & when you want, provided you maintain the minimum ticket size.
  21. What if I terminate from the PMS before one year?
    You can terminate from PMS at any time; charges as agreed would be applicable.
  22. How regularly can I get updates on my portfolio?
    The Account Statement as well as the Statement of Holding of your equity portfolio will be couriered to you on a quarterly basis. You will be able to view the same online. The statements will have complete details of portfolio transactions and a comprehensive performance review which will be uploaded on the website. You can view the same on our website on a daily basis.
  23. How safe are my securities under the Portfolio Management Service?
    Way2Wealth PMS is a depository participant with HDFC. This ensures complete safety in operations. Stock ownership always rests with the client.
  24. Where will you invest my money?
    Way2Wealth PMS is a depository participant with HDFC. This ensures complete safety in operations. Stock ownership always rests with the client.
  25. Do you indulge in day trading under PMS?
    No, we do not indulge in any day trading activity. Our Portfolio management Schemes are designed from a long-term perspective and we will invest in accordance with the objectives of each Scheme. It is advisable to keep any equity portfolio invested over a longer term because in the long run, equities outperform other asset classes.
  26. Do you invest in IPO’s?
    If the Portfolio Manager finds that an IPO presents a good investment opportunity then he may invest in the same.
  27. Do you invest in Derivatives (Futures/Options)?
    Derivative transaction, if done, will only be for hedging purposes (as allowed by SEBI). No speculative position is allowed.
  28. Do you invest in debt instruments? What proportion?
    Part of the portfolio might be invested in debt or liquid fund depending on the strategy chalked out by the Fund Manager.
  29. What are the tax implications of investments in PMS?
    Under the Portfolio Management Scheme, each transaction scheme will be considered as an independent trade and capital gains will be applied on each depending upon whether the relevant stock was held long-term or short-term. Presently 15% tax is chargeable for Short Term Capital gains and no tax is chargeable on Long Term Capital Gains. The STT charges will also apply.
  30. How will I know my tax status?
    We expect all clients to consult their tax consultant before investing into any form of securities. At Way2Wealth securities, we give each client an audited tax statement of his portfolio annually. The same can be used when you file your returns.
  31. Can a NRI avail of the Portfolio Management Service?
    The Portfolio management Schemes is open for all Indian nationals, resident or otherwise. NRIs will have to open a PIS Account in order to invest in the PMS scheme, which facility we will provide to all NRIs.
  32. What is PIS?
    In order to invest in the Secondary Markets in India, NRIs need to obtain RBI permission. In order to do so, a Bank account with a designated bank has to be opened under Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) and all the transactions related to the investment in secondary markets need to be routed through this account.
  33. What would the Portfolio Manager do in case of falling markets?
    To begin with we will assess the situation on two parameters Whether the fall is a mere correction or Signal of reversal of trend Based on our assessment of the fall, we will accordingly decide on the necessary course of action. In the first instance, depending on the anticipated extent of the correction, we may increase the percentage of cash in the portfolio. Since our focus is always to invest in those companies which are available at an attractive valuation, we believe that in the long term, any stock will always seek its fair valuation which is unaffected by corrections in the market. If however, we see signs of a trend reversal; our focus may change to increasing the cash component and restrict investments to defensive sectors, which have low beta relative to the markets.
  34. What are the advantages of investing in PMS vis a vis Mutual Fund?
    You have greater control over the asset allocation in case of PMS. The portfolio can be customized to suit your risk-return profile. The Portfolio manager has relatively greater flexibility to move in and out of cash as and when required depending on the market view. Typically, charges are lower and more transparent in PMS vis-à-vis a Mutual Fund. Holdings not impacted by entry/exit of big investors.
  35. Do you charge any entry or exit load akin to a Mutual Fund?
    We do not charge any entry or exit load. Our charges are transparent and are described elsewhere in this document

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