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Objective and trusted advice from India's Premier Wealth Management Service Providers: Our team of trusted mutual fund advisors, with their significant experience and proven methodology are sure to optimise the growth of yourwealth through the ups and downs of market cycles. Our advisory team comprises high quality professionals with experience spanning assignments in Asset Management companies, private banking and other financial distributors.

We offer a research based portfolio management services1 for mutual funds with recommendations across asset classes, customised to your unique investment objectives. Further, our experienced mutual fund research team keeps a constant eye on the performance of existing funds and new fund launches. This unique combination of a competent research and advisory team has made us one of the best Mutual Fund Advisors in India.

Our tailor made financial advisory model for mutual fund investments follows a simple yet systematic process, as follows

  • Need based goal analysis: In depth analysis of your goals and objectives is carried out by our seasoned advisors with the help of our in-house calculators and questionnaires; thus arriving at the most suitable path and investment products to achieve your unique goals.
  • Client Profiling: Your risk appetite and time horizon is assessed through proprietary risk calculator, thus, arriving at the most suitable asset allocation to achieve your unique goals.
  • Model Portfolio Creation: Based on the risk profile, investment horizon as well as investment objective, a model portfolio is suggested to the client. Investment style; whether SIP or lump-sum as derived is executed here.
    At this stage, if the client has an existing portfolio a restricting is also suggested.
  • Review /Rebalancing: At periodic intervals, the client's portfolio is reviewed for rebalancing as per the advised asset allocation,if required.
Mutual funds

Fundamental Research

Fundamental research is our unique strategic attribute, helping us offer an above edge wealth management advisory model. We have a dedicated team of research analysts specializing in mutual funds. Our research-based portfolio management comprises the best mutual funds in India, backed by fundamentals comparisons on both quantitative and qualitative parameters. Hence, we arriveat a Mutual Fund portfolio for you that optimises returns, by minimising risks and maximising gains!

Our research output includes daily performance reports, weekly and monthly updates, special focus articles as well as quarterly portfolio updates. The research calls are disseminated to clients through SMS Alerts, phone and email.

Superior Client Servicing

  • It is our pleasure to service clients, who come from a diverse background including retail investors, HNIs, corporates, trusts, banks and Government agencies.
  • Fundamentals Research-based tailor-made customised portfolio designing gives us a unique edge over other Mutual Fund Advisors in India.
  • After the account opening, your dedicated Relationship Manager works towards understanding your needs and ensures the execution of an appropriate Financial plan. He/she would be the single point of contact for all your business needs and will keep you updated on macro developments as well as on your portfolio performance.

Expert Corporate Advisory Desk

At a time, when new and exciting investment avenues in various new sectors and in the form of dynamic structures are opening up in India, there is a critical need to provide specialised advisory services to Indian Corporates for investment optimisation. How do we achieve this for our corporate clients?

Our Corporate Advisory team members have extensive experience in providing appropriate fund selection advice across asset categories to Corporates like you. In addition, we also have significant expertise in helping corporate employees with their financial and tax planning needs.

Account Opening

To help select the best funds and complete account opening and application:

Call our branch office nearest to you, or Email us at contact@way2wealth.com.

Our relationship manager will get in touch with you to help you achieve your long term as well as short term financial goals by selecting the fund that best suits your requirements. .

We invite enquires from Corporates and Institutions for their treasury requirements and financial planning needs of their employees.

We also invite applications from sub-brokers who would like to be associated with us.