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Although delivery based trades are a small proposition of the overall volumes, they form a sizeable amount in absolute terms on the Indian exchanges. We have extensive experience in executing delivery based trades in various commodities including bullion, pulses, food grains and spices. A specialized cell has been set up to help you take advantage of the arbitrage opportunities and facilitate spot market transactions in various commodities. The members of this desk also have significant expertise in executing large orders effectively at the lowest impact cost.


W2W has a dedicated team of analysts specializing in commodities and commodities trading. The team comprises analysts from different fields such as economics, agriculture science, statistics, and finance among others. This diverse manpower mix helps us to do a multi perspective analysis of all commodities and filter the information as per the duration of the trading call. The team is equipped to serve both institutional and retail clients. Our research, well recognized in the industry is based on primary surveys, interactions with physical markets players, fundamental, derivatives, technical and statistical analysis, giving it a sense of completeness.

Analysts have access to the latest market data, charts, market intelligence etc. constantly analyzing the data to facilitate your trading decisions.

Our research is aimed not only at the long-term traders & investors, but also caters to the needs of short term / intra day traders. The research calls are disseminated to clients through SMS Alerts, RM calls and email.

W2W Research Reports

  • Daily Trading Bites
  • Commodities Fundamentals
  • Weekly Commodities Update
  • W2W Global Economics Coverage
  • Special Reports & Event Coverage

Client servicing

  • We service clients from a varied background and trading needs: Producers, Trading houses, Manufacturers, Fabricators, Importer/Exporters, Government agencies, Corporates, Treasuries, HNIs and Retail clients.
  • We offer trade execution though phone and online trading or a combination of both.
  • Premium brokerage services, customized for the unique needs of HNI clients are also available
  • Post account opening, a dedicated Relationship Manager is assigned to you, who works towards understanding your needs and ensure the delivery of appropriate products and services. He/she would be the single point of contact for all your business needs and will keep you updated on the macro developments as well as on specific commodities
  • Direct access to your account details through which will help you monitor positions, trading performance and margin requirements and provide access to contract notes
Top quality team

We have top caliber professionals from diverse fields and working experiences spanning physical Markets, agricultural research, futures trading and commodities Exchanges both in India as well as abroad. We provide fully integrated services in all major commodities, including precious metals, base metals and agricultural products.

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