Networth Calculator

Net worth is the difference between all the assets and liabilities of an individual. In other words, it is what you own minus what you owe. If you owe more than what you own, you have a negative net worth and vise versa. It can also be calculated by adding up shareholder fund and reserve & surplus. This calculator is used to calculate net worth of an individual or a company.
Financial Assets
Growth Assets (Rs.)(shares, equity funds...etc)
Fixed Income Assets (Rs.)(fixed deposits, debt funds, PPF, NSC...etc.)
Cash and Liquid Assets (Rs.)(Savings account, cash, liquid funds...etc.)
Fixed Assets (Rs.)(house, gold, jewellery...etc.)
Total Assets (Rs.) 0.00
Credit Card Balances (Rs.)
Income Tax Owed (Rs.)
Outstanding Bills (Rs.)
Loans (Rs.)(House/Car/Education etc.)
Total Liabilties (Rs.) 0.00