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25 January 2022 | 12:00

Industry >> Textiles - Processing/Texturising

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ISIN No INE953D01016 52Week High 37 Book Value (Rs.) 62.59 Face Value 10.00
Bookclosure 29/09/2021 52Week Low 14 EPS 0.88 P/E 36.45
Market Cap. 27.46 Cr. P/BV 0.51 Div Yield (%) 0.00 Market Lot 1.00
Security Type Other


You can view the entire text of Accounting Policy of the company for the latest year.
Year End :2015-03 
A) Basis of Preparation of Financial Statements

The Company follows accrual basis of accounting & recognizes Income & Expenditure on accrual basis except the TUF Subsidy interest receivable from Govt. for the year 2013-2014 which will be accounted on cash basis as and when received.. The accounts are prepared on historical cost convention and materially comply with the Mandatory Accounting Standards issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

B) Use of Estimates

The preparation of financial statements requires estimates and assumptions to be made that affect the reported amount of assets and liabilities on the date of the financial statements and the reported amount of revenues and expenses during the reporting period. Difference between the actual result and estimates are recognized in the period in which the result are known/materialized.

C) On Fixed Assets

Fixed assets are stated at cost of acquisition less accumulated depreciation and impairment loss, if any. The cost is inclusive of inward freight, duties and taxes and incidental expenses related to acquisition. In respect of major projects involving construction, related pre-operational, start-up and trial run expenses form part of the value of the assets capitalized. As per practice, expenses incurred on modernization / debottle necking/ relocation /relining of plant and equipment are capitalized.

D) Leased Assets

Lease hold land, acquired on lease from M/s. Western Chlorides & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. subsidiary of the Company is not treated as assets of the Company and lease rentals are charged off as revenue expenses.

E) Depreciation

Depreciation is provided on Fixed Assets used during the year under Straight Line Method at the rates specified in schedule II of the Companies Act, 2013 on tripple shift basis.

F) Impairment of Assets

An assets is treated as impaired when the carrying cost of asset exceeds its recoverable value. An impairment loss is charges to the profit and Loss Account in the year in which an asset is identified as Impaired.The impairment loss recognized in prior accounting period is reversed if there has been a change in estimate of recover- able amount.

G) Foreign Currency Transactions.

a) Transactions denominated in foreign currencies are recorded at the exchange rate prevailing on the date of the transaction or approximates the actual rate at the date of the transaction.

b) Any income or expense on account of exchange difference either on settlement or on translation is reconized in the Statement of Profit and Loss except in case of Long Term Liabilities where they relate to acquisition of Fixed Assets, in which case they are adjusted to the carrying cost of such assets.

H) Investments

Non current investments are carried at cost. These investments are in the Equity Shares of subsidiary companies.

I) Inventories

Items of inventories are measured at lower cost and net realizable value after providing for obsolescence, if any. Cost of inventories comprises of cost of purchase, cost of conversion and other costs including manufacturing overheads incurred in bringing them to their respective present location and condition. Cost of raw materials, process chemicals, stores and spares, packing materiales, trading and other products are determined on FIFO system basis.

J) Revenue Recognisation.

Revenue is recognized only when it can be reliably measured and it is reasonable to expect ultimate collection. Re- venue from operation includes sale of goods, services, sales tax, service tax, excise duty and sales during trial run period, adjusted for discounts(net), Value Added Tax (VAT) and gain / loss on corresponding helge contracts. Interest income is recognized on time proportion basis taking into account the amount outstanding and rate applicable.

K) Excise Duty / Service Tax and Sales Tax / Value Added Tax.

Excise Duty / Service Tax is accounted on basis of both, payment made in respect of goods cleared / services provided as also provision made for goods lying in bonded warehouses. Sales Tax / Value Added Tax paid is charged to Profit and Loss Account.

L) Employee Benefits.

Short term employee benefits are recognized as an expenses at the undiscounted amount in the Statement of Profit and Loss of the year in which the related service is rendered.

M) Employee Retirement Benefits :

The Company provides for gratuity to all employees.The benefit is in the form of lump sum payments to vested employees on retirement, on death while in employment or on termination of employment of an amount equivalent to 15 days basic salary payable for each completed year of service. Vesting occurs upon completion of five years of service.The Company makes annual contributions to funds administered by trustees and managed by Life Insurance corporation of India for amounts notified by the said Insurance Company.The Company accounts for the liability for future gratuity benefits based on an independent external actuarial valuation carried out annually as at March 31.

N) Provision for Current and Deferred Tax

Provision for current tax is made after taking into consideration benefits admissible under the provision of the income-tax Act 1961.Deffered Tax resulting from "timing difference" between taxable and accounting income is accounted for using the tax rates and laws that are enacted or substantively enacted as on the balance sheet date. Deferred tax / asset is recognized and carried forward only to the extent that there is a virtual certainty that the asset will be realized in future.

O) Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets.

Provision involving substantial degree of estimation in measurement are recognized when there is a present obligation as a result of past events and it is probable that there will be an outflow of resources. Contingent Liabilities are not recognized but are disclosed in the notes. Contingent Asset are neither recognisede in the financial state- ments.

P) Disclosure under section 22

Disclosure under section 22 of the Micro, Small and Medium enterprises Development Act, 2006 could not be furnished as none of the suppliers of the Company have provided the details of their registration under the said Act.